Ever wondered how fast or how high your airplane has been? Ever wondered how fast or how far your RC vehicle has traveled?, now you can and more with the SKYRC GNSS Performance Analyzer. It utilizes the latest GNSS (GPS, GLONASS) technology to measure acceleration, G-Force, speed, distance and time, and a barometric pressure sensor to measure height above the ground. This sensor will measure height up to a staggering 29,500ft (9000 metres).

Not only is it good fun to know how your model is performing it also provides you with valuable information when making modifications. Now when you change a propeller on your plane or do some other modification you will instantly know whether it has made an improvement or not in performance. The same goes for your RC vehicle, get instant feedback on whether changing the tires, gearing, camber, and other settings actually makes a difference. This is a professional grade instrument made accessible to modeling enthusiasts, it is every modeler's dream.

To obtain the latest readings from the analyzer it is just a simple matter of connecting the device to your mobile via Bluetooth. For this, you will need to download the GNSS Performance Analyzer App from either App Store or Google Play. The Bluetooth connection has a range of 30ft but once out of range do not worry, the analyzer is still working and recording. The analyzer will reconnect automatically once it comes back into range and then you will get all the latest information.

The device is quite small and light, it measures 39x40x16mm and weighs just 35g, and has a built-in antenna and rechargeable battery (charges via a USB cable). So installation in your model is just a simple matter of using some hook and loop tape to secure it in a safe place away from any metal objects as this can sometimes cause interference.

• Small size 39x40x16mm
• Lightweight, only 35g
• Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device for instant feedback
• GNSS technology for recording speed, time, G-Force, and distance
• Barometric pressure sensor to measure heights up to 29,500ft (900m)
• Built-in rechargeable battery (charges via a USB cable)
• Simple to install

Type: SkyRC GNSS Performance Analyzer w/Bluetooth
Receiving Device: GPS and GLOSNASS
Receiver: L1 (1575.42MHz)
Updating Frequency: 10Hz
Satellite Sensitivity: -167dBm
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Antenna Type: Built-in
Battery: Built-in
Dimensions: 39x40x16mm
Weight: 35g


SKU SK-500023
Brand SKY-RC
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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